Townsend, GA 31331, USA

Where Is This Tiny Church?

America's Smallest Church?

  Located in Townsend, Georgia you will find this tiny church that seats 12. 
This roadside wonder is worth the stop. 

The Non Denominational Church was built in 1949 by Mrs. Agnes Harper 
and is "deeded to Jesus Christ." 
It is located not far east of I-95 on highway US 17.  

A bell tower was added to the church in 1998 

Stop and say a prayer for the world!

 The Pulpit

There's beautiful stained glass windows on either side and the back wall

A guest book to sign or leave a message.

The back of the Church

 Unfortunetly the original church fell to arson,
 it was quickly built back to it's glory by wonderful people. 
The Church is open 24 hours and now has security cameras. 
The nighttime view should be equally as beautiful as the day!

 The grounds are so peaceful and picturesque.  
There's a grill and picnic table to sit, have lunch or just take a break from your trip.

Entry and grounds to the Smallest Church

This little roadside wonder is a "must" on your list of places to visit. 
We just hate it took us so long to stop!

Smallest Church in America

US Hwy. 17 South
Darien, Georgia
31305 USA


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